First & Last, Journal of the Halton 81st Entry

LATEST JOURNAL: Issue Number 48

Aug. 2016

The Journal of the 81st Entry

Edited and uploaded by Brian Spurway

Welcome to the 48th edition of The Journal.

I had the temerity a few week back of mentioning in an email to everyone that Beth and I had had some bad luck with our young Labrador puppy; I would now like to thank all those who so kindly sent their best wishes for her recovery. She, "Tuppence" (aka "Tuppy"), has been given the OK by her veterinary surgeon and has been released from her cage - if you've ever had to keep a dog of her age and size (now over 30 lbs in weight) incarcerated you will know exactly how it's been for us. We now have to build up her emaciated leg with short walks, gradually getting longer, and loads of physio and hydro therapy. What I'm boringly getting round to is that Tod slaughter was one who sent good wishes, but he also enclosed this photo of his dogs, "Rupert" & "Dylan", and this made me think that many of you will have pets (various I'm sure) to whom you are devoted and whose company and trust you so enjoy, why not send me photos of them that could add a bit of colour and interest to future pages of this Journal.

Rupert & Dylan


Of course I know that some of you don't keep pets for one of oh so many reasons, you don't like them, they do tie you down, they can be messy, eat you out of house and home and cost a fortune in vets' bills and kennelling etc. . . .etc. If you are one of them you may like to send a photo of anything you do fancy and I'll be delighted to add it/them to the Journal. When explaining the Hunter's Aden canon link-retaining system to visitors I was showing around our hangar I used this image below, and we all fancied her once upon a time, didn't we?


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