First & Last, Journal of the Halton 81st Entry

Issue Number 47

May 2016

The Journal of the 81st Entry

Edited and uploaded by Brian Spurway

Welcome to the 47th edition of The Journal.

As you can see I've managed to gather together another six articles for this edition of the Journal but, as ever, the larder is very nearly bare again - if things stand as they are I will only be able to include three articles in the next edition.

My sincere thanks to the six contributors listed below and my apologies to any of them should my minor editing detract from, or change the meaning of, anything they have kindly witten.

Are you a member of the 81st who gets to read this quarterly Journal but never receives any messages from me? Maybe you've not updated me after an email address change and so dropped off my contact list (currently standing at eighty-six) or maybe you've become an email user later in life but have never got round to telling me; perhaps you just drop in on the website occasionally - if so I hope you enjoy its content - whatever, why not let me know that you do so by clicking on the 'Contact' button? It would be great to hear from you.


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