First & Last, Journal of the Halton 81st Entry

Issue Number 40

Aug 2014

The Journal of the 81st Entry

Edited and uploaded by Brian Spurway

Welcome to the 40th edition of The Journal.

I was beginning to think that, once again, I would have to say that this edition of our Journal would be the last. The website exists only to carry the Journal; that was our plot when starting it back in November 2004 and it remains such - no articles equals no website. However, as has always happened, up to the 'Oche' come the faithful few and, with a couple of long articles that I've been able to split, things look like being OK for me to produce the 41st edition in the coming November and so reach the grand old age of ten.

In the last Journal I mentioned Mike's suggestion that people write in to me with their reason/s for joning the RAF and, as I mentioned then, we all did so each of us must have his. Only two have responded and one was indeed Mike himself. What about the rest of you? I'm not asking for reams of paperwork just a few sentences would be welcome; was your decision a bit like mine? My Dad was in the RAF so, after an enjoyable and nomadic childhood closely associated with aircraft, there was never any other way to go - become a fighter pilot!! Well I never made it but 'Heck', the next thirty four years ensured I never regretted joining up as an A/A along with you guys. See, that's all you need, a sentence or two from forty or fifty of you and I'm in business.

THIS WEBSITE NEEDS YOU! (my apologises to Gen Kitchener)

As always my eternal thanks to those below who have contributed to this edition; Dave Hughes makes his welcome debut and, along with Kevin Hutchinson, is one of the two whose long articles have each been split into three parts - a big help for me, thank you both.


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