First & Last, Journal of the Halton 81st Entry

Issue Number 33

November 2012

The Journal of the 81st Entry

Edited and uploaded by Brian Spurway

Welcome to the 33rd edition of The Journal.

As all of you will realise from the email I sent to you back in the Summer (OK, what should have been Summer!!) Curly has put himself forward to organise a Get-Together, for those interested, at the Helicopter Museum in Weston-Super-Mare next year. The response to that email has been very good with 18 (a couple having reservations as to which day, or which month) writing back to confirm their interest; once Curly has made more definite plans he'll either let them know himself, or let me have the details to pass on - there's plenty of time to get things organised. I'd very much like to thank Curly for offering to arrange this visit which I'm sure will be just as successful as the Duxford visit we had five months ago; hopefully others of you will come up with suggestions for future visits somewhere in your own areas of the country.

It's interesting reading back through all 32 Journals preceding this one to see that, in almost all of them, either Mike (when he was the Editor) or I, since taking over, have 'nigh-on begged' for more articles to be sent in; on several occasions both of us even predicting the end of the Journal if none were forthcoming. Thankfully the 'Faithful' have always come up trumps so Mike and I managed to rustle up further editions. Well my friends of the 81st Entry I have to 'nigh-on beg' yet again as I only have two articles in reserve for the next edition and therefore still do fear for the future of the Journal.

Reading back through past editions I note that, in Journal No 10, Mike produced some statistics and a 'Pie-Chart' so I've decided to add some of the same to reflect the current situation. Back then Mike wrote that, up to that time, 33 of us had contributed articles; pretty good effort for just 10 editions!

Currently, 23 Journals later, the number of contributors has increased to 39 - a welcome but far too small increase of just 6 - Come on the 81st we can do better than that, can't we? I am in reasonable contact (that is I have frequent or occasional correspondence) with 103 of you so it doesn't take advanced mathematics to work out that 64 of you have never contributed; just one article from each of you alone would keep the Journal going for another 4 years.

The 33 Journals to date have produced 195 articles so we've managed to maintain the ideal average of 6 per edition - a statistic I'd like to continue - but amongst that number a massive 103 articles have been written by just 7 individuals, yes just 7 individuals!! Don't seem right do it?

These Pie-Charts (to prove I've hacked one more aspect of MS Excel!) show...well they're pretty anyway.

Current contacts per trade, totalling 103.

Contribution of articles per trade by those of the 103 in the top chart (the solitary 1 in the pie, by an Electrician, was too small a slice to cut!).

Well, that's the 'sermon' out of the way and if it manages to winkle out just a few new contributors then I'll be a 'happy bunny' - one thing I must stress though is my everlasting thanks to those who have contributed articles, even if only a one-off job, without whose efforts we would never have made it this far. My thanks also to Tod, Willie, Mike, Tony, James and Alan for the articles produced in this, the 33rd, edition of the Journal. Next time we can look forward to (so far anyway) the only two articles I have in-waiting, one each from Tod and Arthur - see you then!

P.S. If anyone sees any glaring misakes in anything above please (firstly) accept my apologies and then let me know where I've gone wrong.


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