First & Last, Journal of the Halton 81st Entry

Issue Number 27

May 2011

The Journal of the 81st Entry

Uploaded by Brian Spurway

Edited by Mike Stanley

Welcome to the 27th edition of The Journal.

This will be the last issue of the Journal to be edited by me; Brian will now be adding the task of editor of the Journal to that of Webmaster. One reason for the change is that it makes more sense, and less work, for him to have both jobs under his control. At the moment he has to reformat everything I send him, for it to be viewed on the web site. The other reason is that I've been making too many mistakes; every issue lately I've managed to leave articles out of the Journal. Another apology is due in this issue, to Adrian, whose article should have been published in the last issue. I think it best to quit while I'm still ahead (well almost ahead).

My thanks to all those who have contributed articles to the Journal over the last 6, and a bit, years. I hope that they, and many others, will continue to keep the journal going for as long as possible. (Articles that have been submitted but have not yet been published will be sent on to Brian.}

It has been a privilege to act as your editor, and I'm always amazed by the varied, unusual and exciting lives members of our entry have led, both during their service and in Civvy Street. It would be a shame if these stories were not available to a wider public. Remember that when the Journal finally folds the collected issues will be deposited in the RAF Museum....we will be a historical record, and resource!

Mike Stanley, editor

I would like to thank Mike very much for the great job he's done editing our Journal. It's hard to believe that it was over six years ago that he and I met at a fabulous little village pub on the banks of the Severn, some half way between his home in the Principality and mine in Wiltshire, for a chat about what we could do to add to the website then being run by Wllie Keays. The idea of running a Journal was all his idea and we agreed that he would edit it, I would tout for e-mailed articles and then Willie would upload everything onto the website.....the main change since then has been in Willie handing the website share over to me a couple of years ago....helped hugely by my son-in-law John, who designed this new site and patiently taught me enough of the basics to take over, I can now manage the uploading of the Journal, the Galleries and the Feedback page. All these years later the Journal is still going strong and, with your help providing articles will continue to do so.

I made mention of future financing for this website in a recent email to everybody (well to all those who tell me they view it).... that subject is now on hold as one of our members, who wishes to remain anonymous, has sent me a cheque of sufficient value to see the site through until at least the end of 2012. Such generosity deserves the appreciation of us all so please ensure that this kind donation is not wasted.

Brian Spurway, webmaster.

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