First & Last, Journal of the Halton 81st Entry

Issue Number 20

August 2009

The Journal of the 81st Entry

Uploaded by Brian Spurway

Edited by Mike Stanley

Welcome to Journal 20, five years of publication!

My thanks to all those who have contributed over the years.

Welcome also to the new Entry Web site {}

The 81st Entry is indebted to Brian Spurway, his son- in -law John Precious, Kris Penney and Willie Keays.

For the inception of the idea of a web site for the entry and the design and funding of that original site, our thanks go to Willie.

For the design of the new site, based on the original concept of Willie’s design, our thanks to John [with a lot of input from his father in law Brian!]

For the funding of the new site our thanks go to Brian and Kris Penney. Brian is funding the web site up to January 2010 whilst Kris will continue to fund it from January 2010 until September 2011!

Our entry is blessed by having so many blokes willing to spend time money and effort in the service of our Entry;

It is what Entry Spirit is all about.

In Journal 10 Willie Keays suggested, “we should provide a bound volume of our Journal for retention in the RAF Museum at Hendon. “ Among the reasons he gave was the fact that our reminiscences would be a valuable resource for research into the RAF and also the fact that a, ‘hard copy ‘of the journal would remain far longer than an Internet based version.

(I doubt that!...John the website designer...)

I contacted the RAF Museum with reference to the above and they have written back to say ’ we would be very pleased to receive the journals after the last "First and Last" is produced - hope that will not be too soon! ‘

Our articles will now be available for researchers to pore over and marvel at the things we did and saw (!). Should any contributor not be happy with that thought then I will remove article(s) as required.

I would hope that the idea of our words being saved for posterity will encourage more of our members to write articles.

If you have any comments on the articles, or just want to say 'Hi!' to old friends please CONTACT US.

Your comments will be published on our FEEDBACK PAGE.