First & Last, Journal of the Halton 81st Entry

Issue Number 15

May 2008

The Journal of the 81st Entry

Uploaded by Brian Spurway

Edited by Mike Stanley

Welcome to the fifteenth edition of The Journal.

Notices and Reminders;

Reminders from Tony Birchenough

1. Entry sweatshirt/polo shirt (highly recommended)

Polo shirts (short sleeves & collar) and Sweat shirts (long sleeves & round neck) are available in the following colours & sizes: -

Colours Black, Bottle Green, Burgundy, French Navy Blue, Sky Blue, White, Light or Dark Grey. Should anyone want a red or yellow version I could probably arrange it. .


S (36/38), M (38/40), L (40/42), XL (42/44) Prices

Polo shirt £13.95 Sweat shirt £16.95

Postage & Packing £3.50 for 1-2 garments, £5.00 for 3-4 garments.

For overseas orders and higher qtys please ask.

Orders despatched 2-3 weeks after placed with my supplier.

All orders to be sent to me at the address below, not forgetting to provide your address (I know this is obvious but, trust me, it has been known to be omitted).

Cheques to be payable to The Kit Room Company Ltd.

Thanks for your support.


2. Britannia XM496

It occurs to me that RAF Britannia XM496, now once again resplendent in her original Transport Command colours, is currently located at Kemble, a few miles south of the RAC. This being the sole remaining example of our 23 aircraft and also the only Britannia anywhere with real Proteus engines that some of our members may be interested in taking a look. As a member of the XM496 Preservation Society it just might be possible for arrangements to be made to open the aircraft up There should be no problem provided that the Society know in advance if we wish to access the aircraft. Unfortunately, with XM496 now being located on the "live" side of the airfield, access will only be possible with a Society official with the necessary clearance, which I don't have. Will all entry members interested contact me and I'll set the wheels in motion. Our Society are only too pleased to cater for anybody who takes an interest in our Bird. They have pencilled in my request, so a knowledgeable member, or members, can be on hand to answer any questions.

I personally hope that this is of interest.


Tony should be congratulated {and supported} for the effort he has put into both of these projects.

His contact details are:

32, Slade Gardens

Phone 01322 336943


Last Post

The 81st Entry extends sympathy and condolences to the family and friends of Roy Roberts who has gone to his Final Posting.

681161 Roy Roberts, Airframe Fitter

The loss of any member of the 81st diminishes us all.

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