This website is for ex-brats of the 81st Entry to remain in contact with each other and to share their diverse life experiences, no matter where, when or how they also remains an open site for anyone else to visit.

Latest News

The Latest News is the Good News that the future of this website is secured for the foreseeable future thanks to the generosity of so many.

Just click on Latest Journal to see what No.52 has for you to read; its six article subjects are diverse and should go some way to showing that our Journal is not just about what we did when wearing the light blue uniform but very much also about our lives and the way we've lived them. Enjoy.

Our reunion in Birmingham is now just six weeks away, my rail ticket has been purchased, accommodation booked and I'm really looking forward to meeting those of you who will be there - can't help wishing that more were going but, no mind, we will have a great time, no doubt about that. See you there.

Group Photograph of our 2011 Reunion at The RAC, Cirencester.

2011 Reunion photograph

I'm leaving this photo of those of us who attended the 2011 reunion here on this page so that, as time flies by, memories can be re-kindled and faces put to names. It remains 'interactive', so click on this thumbnail (or the 'Enlarge...' message below) then place your cursor on a face and 'Hey Presto' up will come the name.Enlarge...

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