2011 Reunion.

This is the group photograph taken at the 81st Entry Reunion held at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, on 7th September 2011. This photograph is interactive so a name can be found by simply placing your cursor on a face - no need to 'Click'.

Robert Longhurst Doug Renton-Cooper Dave Hughes Roy Hindley Herb Hutchinson Stuart Verdin Brian Spurway Derek Liddell Bill Thomas Eric Stone (RIP) Ted Peto Tony Williams John Gornall (RIP) Mike Quick Mike Stanley Dave Stokes Dave Beston Alan Humphrey Mike Johnson Errol Johnson Alex Chambers (RIP) Ken Williams (RIP) Adrian Gates Dick Bingham Geoff Tomsett Tony Hibbens (RIP) Bruce Robinson Terry Pallister (RIP) Dai Parker Mike Robins (RIP) John Taylor Tony Birchenough (RIP) Norman Armiger John Mackenzie Phil Jarman Alan Lowther (RIP) John Hathaway (RIP) Don Higgins Tony Jackson Tom Cowan John Melville (RIP) John Lynch Malcolm Binks Bob Galbraith Dave Sidgwick (RIP) Malcolm Johnson Tod Slaughter Bill Morley Tom White (RIP) Andrew Watson Eddie Barty Alan Ottaway Russ Russell Curly Knowlton Twink Hills (RIP)

Photograph © Ryan Dix Studios of Cirencester.